Monday, May 18, 2009

Today's Real Statements!! (via Twitter)

I've been asked to post my daily statements on here so here ya go!!!

1. Conglomerate = The next word dumb ass niggas gonna over saturate Hip-Hop with!

2. Luchini by Camp Lo = A decade later and it still makes ya neck jerk!

3. Drake= A decade from now you will wonder why you were ever a fan.

4. If you have to wear tight jeans and shirts to get into a club, just frost tip your hair while you're at it to complete the douchebag effect!

5. Don't you cringe whenever you hear the following statement: "but I rap too!"?

6. Why are so many people acting like Lance Armstrong? Riding in your neighborhood in tights does not make you ready for the Tour De France

7. If you didn't take the time out to research the difference between a fixed rate mortgage & an adjustable rate mortgage, you do need to lose your house.

8. Why did I just pay $40 to fill my gas tank? Now I'm going into the gas station and steal something out of there!

9. Final Statement: RESPECT MY CONGLOMERATE!!!

10. Bonus Statement: Why are niggas still rocking colored contact lenses? You black with gray eyes dog cmon! I thought we went over this 10 years ago! Pause ya life!!

Any Questions??

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