Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Challenge of Evolution

I'm writing this because I know someone out there maybe struggling with trying to change their life. I want you to know you are not alone.....

I would be lying if I said my evolution has been easy, "why go through this when I'm unsure of the outcome?" I ask myself often...For many years I was mentally sick, negative thoughts and speech is all that came out my mouth...It only intensified as I watched helplessly as those people in my life who were the most positive influences on me leave this life too soon. I had someone in my corner who encouraged me but I took them for granted and disregarded their positivity and forced my negativity upon them. I broke her heart repeatedly, caused mistrust, said foul, hurtful things, those things accumulated in her heart and stayed with her while I carried on selfishly carrying the burden of my pain. Over the years I hurt more than helped and drove folks away..for that I seek atonement...I realized that this outlook was leading me down a path of destruction, so I took the steps to change myself...

So why put myself through this? Because I owe it to my family to be better, they deserve better than they've been getting from me.I saw instant results in my change, things started to come together for me, but that pain remained...and I didn't address it. I have not lived up to my potential to be great, because I've held on to past hurts and threw it upon them instead of letting it go.I'm so sorry...but I carry on down this path to reclaim my life and help them through this time, I have done too much damage..

Don't rush it, don't force it, continue working on your development...become consistent with your actions...

I implore you, don't wait...its never too late to change who you are, if you've hurt someone you love, it will take time to heal. Things won't immediately turn around in hours, days, months, maybe YEARS, emotional damage is hard to fix but it can be fixed. Be strong, cry if you have to...but don't give up so easily...fight for what's important to you. It will be worth it in the end....


Monday, June 17, 2013

Crew54 - Labor (Office Space Parody)

YO! The fam is back and this time this one is EPIC! Crew54 who of course I'm not only HUGE fans of, but frequently collaborate with on many projects, has dropped this joint and it is AMAZING! "Labor" is a parody of one of our favorite movies "Office Space" and its directed by The M.O.S. of Crew54 and features some very familiar faces in the hip hop scene in Austin. I make an appearance in the video as "Saamir" and this was a very dope and very fun project to work on! For all the behind the scenes insight swing over to The 54 Reality Show and to download "Labor" feat. veteran MC Supastition go to Slap Rapz and download the track for FREE! ENJOY and SHARE with your friends!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Melz Experience: Teaching Evolution To Future Generations - MANDOM Mens Life Mag

The Melz Experience: Teaching Evolution To Future Generations - MANDOM Mens Life Mag

We are no longer held to the stereotypes and beliefs our parents held 50 years ago. We have evolved mentally so why are we still passing down intolerance to our children? This week I share my experiences dealing with intolerance and how my family was able to overcome this touchy topic....

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Melz Experience - Prologue

“You need to screw up to learn. You need to experience to create greatness.”  -Laurie Faria Stolarz

Today I begin my series of posts for "Mandom Magazine" called "The Melz Experience". I approached the creator of Mandom, Zillz, to create a series of blog posts about the journey and experiences we share as intelligent, hard working, and NON-STEREOTYPICAL men that we could impart to younger men. This is in no way an "advice" column. The hope for these posts is to have a location where men can not only share their experiences about life but also to raise more discussion about issues most mainstream outlets won't cover and  avoiding the standard provocative issues we ALWAYS talk about. I believe that we are beyond the everyday debates about "women", sports and politics....I prefer to dive deeper into these subjects and rather give men a forum to relate how these things affect your EVERYDAY life, and not just "generally".

I would never profess to be a "guru" of any sort. I'm more likely to describe myself as an "habitual f***-up", but the great thing about life is you are presented with opportunities to rectify those screw-ups. My life experiences are not the stuff of legend, actually its quite boring if you asked me. I've never done the "back-packing through Europe" thing but I've been to college, worked blue-collar jobs, worked white-collar jobs, been arrested, been to war, hung in the streets with thugs and corporate board rooms with even BIGGER THUGS! I've experienced a lot including being married to the same woman I've had children with for the last decade. And that is where we will begin this series....

Marriage does take a lot of commitment on both sides in order for it to succeed. Its proven that women mature faster than men which is why they are more prepared for this life long commitment than we are...this is known also. Now of course I would never tell you how to steer your life, but in my case, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't get married until I have experienced EVERY sexual fantasy I wanted to at least ONCE. Luckily for me, I was able to succeed at this mission (which honestly was a very short list) before meeting my beautiful wife. I figured that once I've knocked this list out, there should be no reason for me to say: "Never tried that before" once I'm committed, thus making me less likely to cheat.

Now as a male there are certain things sexually I would NEVER ask the mother of my children to do, but strangely I'm attracted to certain things thanks to that age-old equalizer....



This will not be a post with me "explaining" or "justifying" nor "defending" porn. I shall be merely exploring how porn can either lift or bring down your relationship with the opposite (or same) sex. And true to the name of these posts I will share MY real life experience with the topic and I would like to hear your stories also (keep it within context, try not to share "too much" ya pervs). Ladies you are open to join in also, so swing over to Mandom Magazine and rock with us!

The Melz Experience on Mandom Magazine

Friday, March 29, 2013

HOTBOX254 SXSW 2013 The Brotherhood & Buggs Tha Rocka

The HotBox254 is back..we kick off our SXSW coverage chopping it up with The Brotherhood out of Killeen TX and Buggs Tha Rocka who made the trip to Austin from Cincinnati. Gonna be dropping videos all weekend long and starting April 1st I kick off writing for Mandom Mag the Premier Men's Lifestyle Magazine with "The Melz Experience" where I give my "advice" and opinions.

 The kid getting busy this year, so if you just so happened to stumble across this site, peep the LinkedIn and everything else...this will soon become the destination for all things Melz...Let's go!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Evolution of Me.

 Over the last year I have been lending advice and help to not only a friend and brother, but a very talented songwriter named Byron Durant. We've always had discussions about one day working on doing music on a more major level and we believe that the time has finally come to go get those blessings. I am very proud to present Byron's very first single "None Like You" featuring vocals by Shamond Scales & Xample. This is the first single from Byron's upcoming compilation "The Evolution Of Me: My Testimonies As A SongWriter" We truly believe that this song will be a blessing to you and please feel free to share this with your friends.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

"None Of The Above"

Richard Pryor sure did have it right. Its election season again which 4 years ago I was already dreading. Before I go any further let me make my position clear, I am "registered" as a democrat and voted for President Obama in the last campaign. Unlike most Americans these days I have the capacity to change my mind on certain topics and positions based on the information that's been either given to me or researched on my own. So instead of calling myself a "democrat" I choose to publicly not align myself with ANY party because neither party has the PEOPLE'S best interests in mind.

Let the rant begin:

Of course I am among the chorus of supporters who ran with the "Bush had 8 years to fuck up, give Obama a chance" argument. I must say now that that argument is no longer valid. In 3 years time instead of making sweeping drastic changes, the President kept many of Bush's policies and spent a majority of this term arguing for a health care package that NOBODY asked for because we're too busy looking for JOBS THAT AREN'T THERE to PAY for health care and when you ask the normal American on the street they can't begin to tell you ANYTHING about "Obamacare" other than the neanderthal cry of "ITS OBAMACARE AND I DON'T WANT IT". Many Black Progressives are sadly disappointed in what's happened in the last 3 years, we expected sweeping changes but instead got more "politician bullshit" from Obama instead of sticking to core principles of changes he got elected upon. Now that its re-election time the shit he was SUPPOSED to do in the first term NOW he's gonna do in the second?? My apologies and I say this with the utmost respect Mr. President but GTFOHWTBS.....

SOOOOOOO... let's talk about the alternative.... "Mack Mittens" Romney. (gonna talk to Mitt like a brother here yall so rock with me)

Mitt, can't front, that was a ballsy move you pulled in front the NAACP. Telling black folks (with a straight face mind you) that we'll do better under you than Obama..... MAN grapefruit sized nuts Mittens. I admire that. Of course we don't believe you but still we admire that. Americans over the last decade have fallen into the belief that the same people who have had a hand in the near collapse of our economic system due to "greed" SUDDENLY are perfect candidates for public office. "Hey that guys rich, I wanna be rich, I'm gonna vote for that guy" seems to be the mentality of many Americans these days, (consider the fact that Americans are actually contemplating voting for Trump speaks to that). Yes Mitt your stories great, you used the same opportunities we regular Americans have at our disposal to be a success in this country (gonna look past the whole "Thanks Dad and former Governor of Michigan" hook-up) and you're gonna help save us from fiscal ruin because you ran a conglomerate so you know the answers. Right? If I'm missing anything let me know. I agree with the "Less dependent on government" rhetoric and all that, I don't care about your tax returns, don't care about how much dough you made with Bain, I'm still waiting to hear WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO (besides repeal Obamacare) IF YOU'RE ELECTED?

But the gist of this piece is this, I have yet to hear any of these candidates or their media connects talk about anything that helps THE PEOPLE. The MAJORITY of us that have level heads, can keep our voices calm, that compromise with irrational muhfuckas DAILY just so we can make it through the day, are too busy taking care of our families to REALLY care but we want to know what our government is doing to make things better. Instead its pandering to the fucking NUT JOBS, the extremists, the people who SCREAM AND YELL AND JUMP AROUND and say the most illogical shit that we're shaping our way of life around. Its "tax returns" this and "fast and furious" that or the story I hear about daily with this election is the running tab on HOW MUCH MONEY BOTH CANDIDATES HAVE TO SPEND ON THEIR CAMPAIGNS. We (the people) have officially lost control of this government in every way. We have NO SAY. The next President of The United States will be determined by who can amass the most campaign dollars and spend them effectively on convincing you that the other guy is trash. This isn't a new game, its been going on since this country's inception. But the stakes are much too high. Who's to say that China isn't "investing" in the candidate they want to win? Invest a significant amount of money to the right candidate and you OWN them. Which makes Obama's campaign that much more disappointing.

 Its been said that:

"Public office is the last refuge of the incompetent"-Boies Penrose

Once again I will be checking back into "Le Inn of Ignorant Bliss" with politics because when the sun goes down and the last vote is counted, the next President of the U.S. will be sponsored by Carl's Jr. and Mountain Dew with promotional consideration from BASF and McDonald's. These people DO NOT care about us, they are just there to eat good, look good, and keep you talking about shit that has ZERO impact on your day to day operations. I'm not giving up....yet.....but I'm very damn close.