Monday, April 1, 2013

The Melz Experience - Prologue

“You need to screw up to learn. You need to experience to create greatness.”  -Laurie Faria Stolarz

Today I begin my series of posts for "Mandom Magazine" called "The Melz Experience". I approached the creator of Mandom, Zillz, to create a series of blog posts about the journey and experiences we share as intelligent, hard working, and NON-STEREOTYPICAL men that we could impart to younger men. This is in no way an "advice" column. The hope for these posts is to have a location where men can not only share their experiences about life but also to raise more discussion about issues most mainstream outlets won't cover and  avoiding the standard provocative issues we ALWAYS talk about. I believe that we are beyond the everyday debates about "women", sports and politics....I prefer to dive deeper into these subjects and rather give men a forum to relate how these things affect your EVERYDAY life, and not just "generally".

I would never profess to be a "guru" of any sort. I'm more likely to describe myself as an "habitual f***-up", but the great thing about life is you are presented with opportunities to rectify those screw-ups. My life experiences are not the stuff of legend, actually its quite boring if you asked me. I've never done the "back-packing through Europe" thing but I've been to college, worked blue-collar jobs, worked white-collar jobs, been arrested, been to war, hung in the streets with thugs and corporate board rooms with even BIGGER THUGS! I've experienced a lot including being married to the same woman I've had children with for the last decade. And that is where we will begin this series....

Marriage does take a lot of commitment on both sides in order for it to succeed. Its proven that women mature faster than men which is why they are more prepared for this life long commitment than we are...this is known also. Now of course I would never tell you how to steer your life, but in my case, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't get married until I have experienced EVERY sexual fantasy I wanted to at least ONCE. Luckily for me, I was able to succeed at this mission (which honestly was a very short list) before meeting my beautiful wife. I figured that once I've knocked this list out, there should be no reason for me to say: "Never tried that before" once I'm committed, thus making me less likely to cheat.

Now as a male there are certain things sexually I would NEVER ask the mother of my children to do, but strangely I'm attracted to certain things thanks to that age-old equalizer....



This will not be a post with me "explaining" or "justifying" nor "defending" porn. I shall be merely exploring how porn can either lift or bring down your relationship with the opposite (or same) sex. And true to the name of these posts I will share MY real life experience with the topic and I would like to hear your stories also (keep it within context, try not to share "too much" ya pervs). Ladies you are open to join in also, so swing over to Mandom Magazine and rock with us!

The Melz Experience on Mandom Magazine