Friday, July 31, 2009

Sorry That I Been Gone

Ok. So I'm not very good at this "blogging" thing. Its been a very hectic summer for the kid. Road trips, a couple of shows here & there, not to mention 3 attention grabbing sons & a beautiful wife to interact with makes for very limited time to blog. My original intentions were to take a month off to gather & write new material but as usual life gets in the way (not to mention a computer that decided to take a shit on me & call in sick) and soon a month turns into the entire summer. But yours truly will be back soon with that good commentary on not only Hip Hop but life in general & I will soon be soliciting you up & coming MC's & producers for music that (if you are brave enough) I will review.

Also be on the look out for "Nuthuggers: The Skinny Jeans Experiment". My first foray into video that I will be posting on this here blog & various other outlets as soon as I can get my wife to cooperate & as soon as I can find the right people to work with me on it. But please don't give up on the kid yet! I'll be back like I never left. Peace to you & yours and enjoy the summer.

One Love
Gargamel Jermel