Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coming in November: The Hot Box

What's the damn deal family? I'll be doing a few blog posts this week since I'm on vacation from my day job. I want to take a moment to tell you about the video web show that we will be producing called "The Hot Box" which will be hosted by yours truly & Mahogany.

Basically the reason why we are doing this show is to not only give an outlet to the literally hundreds of rappers & singers out there trying to make it, but to also weed out the untalented & let you, the listener, decide for yourselves. The only way to stem the tide of bullshit hip hop is to give the streets a voice & a say in these matters because labels, radio, and TV are pretty much ignoring us. So we decided to take matters into our own hands.

So beginning right now, if you or someone you know is unsigned, independent artist & can take a little criticism, send your music to for us to put up on our blog, twitter, tagged & other sites for your chance to be heard. If you are not an artist but want to have a say in what the next movement in hip hop should be leave your comments on these various avenues to have your say on the show.

If your music is selected by the "people" we will feature you on the show also give you an interview & (if you have one) put your video on the show!!

Look the labels aren't signing anybody, myspace is dying, & there's 8 million twitter links to compete against if you are an artist, and don't get me started on how MTV & BET won't give new independent music the time of day. We can't promise you stardom but we can give you a chance to be heard.

Follow us on twitter:
Tagged (Don't know how that works but anyway)
Myspace: We'll be there too
Youtube Channel: Hotbox254 (There's no vids there now but just subscribe dammit!)
And everywhere else, hell we might do an e-harmony jumpoff before its all said & done!

So start sending your music in & lets have some fun taking hip hop back to where it belongs: TO THE PEOPLE!!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just Some Stuff That's On My Mind

Normally I like to prepare to have something to say on here, its usually written. But today I'm going to freestyle it. Check it out.

Yesterday it was announced that the president won the Nobel Peace Prize & as expected the hate began flowing. If you are a rational person you will quickly understand that the award was given to the president because of his new stance when it come to dealing with enemies of the U.S., instead of popping off talking shit, he chooses to sit down and settle differences like men should do. Of course detractors will say some shit like, "He hasn't done anything" which is true, but at least he's trying. What, I take Republicans don't like peace? Guess not.

Even though the voting closed in Febuary, in my opinion what may have sealed the deal was the president's address at the G-20 summit. After weeks of collecting the CORRECT information on secret nuclear facilities in Iran, he didn't go to the U.N. immediately & say "Either you're with us or against us", nor did he send a missile down to blow it up. He instead waited like a D.A. with discovery papers prepared to make an indictment against Iran then presented it to a jury of his peers. Without hesitation everybody jumped on board & condemned Iran & once again the world is riding with us.

The Nobel Prize was given to him as something to encourage him to keep doing things the way you are doing them right now. Its probably the highest form of "Thanks" one can receive from the international community. After 8 years of sabrerattling, fear, & all out shit talk from a political party that is out of ideas but manages to have the most fanatical base of people that rivals the sympathizers of Al Queida, we can all say that its a good thing that somebody is keeping their cool.

Things aren't getting better here at home, but as you sit down & watch the play by play of the BET Awards on Twitter tonight just remember that Barack Obama needs our prayers & support & EDUCATED defense of SOME NOT ALL of his actions. Its time we stand up & help this cat. Yes we got him elected, that was the easy part. Now comes the part where almost daily somebody somewhere will criticize him no matter what happens. Its up to us to either help or concern ourselves with whether or not Tila Tequilia kills herself (I prefer the former).

Peace & Love & Enjoy Your Weekend

Saturday, October 3, 2009

We Don't Believe You

I take it today's rappers haven't been watching the news. Despite the fact the our president is black, people are still losing their homes, unemployment hovers around 10%, etc., etc. No need to stress the rest. But in Hip-Hop Land things couldn't be better! "I Got Plenty Money" by Plies, "I Just Want My Money" by Young Jeezy. "It ain't tricking if ya got it", those type of rappers. But the labels & industry insiders say otherwise. Sales are at historic lows, concert attendance reflect the same. So what's the deal with all the money talk?

Hip-Hop has always been the story of the underdog. Take a look back at all the great albums that are considered classics, (BIG, Pac, Rakim, Nas, Jay, Face) who told the story of the struggle that WE relate to. What happened to that? Why is "Ready To Die" such a phenomenal album? It doesn't take long to realize that BIG was a man on the edge. "Everyday Struggle" says it all. You would think in these tough economic times "somebody" would tell the truth about what's going on instead of "escapism".

That's why I haven't listened to the radio but sparingly. I sit in silence during my 30-minute commute analyzing my situation instead of hearing rappers tricking (because no matter what yall say it is tricking even if you got it, ask your local pimp) and how much money ya getting. Hip-Hop is supposed to be the voice of the people, the voice of the streets, & last time I checked the streets are hurting. Sadly, Hip-Hop isn't reflecting this pain. Once that advance check clears everything is "wavy". I see some rappers whose album & mixtape covers have Rolls Royce's, Lambo's, & McMansions on it but have yet to break a song on the radio, let alone in the club.

I'm not saying we should hear bad news all the time. I've said in an earlier post we can all use some positivity, but braggadocio is not positive. It's down right disrespectful to the people who have helped put you in that position. If you are not giving me music I can feel & respect, why should I give my time, money, or attention? Respect, like money, is earned not given. Just because a million people bought your album doesn't mean I should respect you. Just because you have a car worth more than my house doesn't mean I should respect you. Hearing about your struggle earns my respect. Giving back to your community earns my respect.

This is where the disconnect occurs. While Hip-Hop has gone from ashy to classy, it's audience has gone in reverse. What made "Ready To Die" so great wasn't because of "Big Poppa" or "One More Chance Remix". Quite the contrary. Those were good for the radio but the other songs struck a chord with the streets. The stories of day to day life, the things that the average listener could relate to, were the things that stood out everybody's mind. 99% of Hip-Hop America couldn't eyeball a kilo of cocaine if you put one in front their face. 99% of this same nation will never ride in a Phantom because 99% of this nation are regular folks who are just trying to get by. They don't have champagne wishes & caviar dreams, thay just want to survive the work week & maybe throw on "I got plenty money" on payday. But the other days of the work week they searching for music they can feel & have somebody out there that understands that real ice is what they live. Of course, many of them are delusional & think that their lives are like that of their favorite "get money" rapper & if that's your fanbase then I can't knock that or them. But for the fan like me who is aware of what goes on in "real time", you really should not flaunt your riches in front of those who are on the edge of going overboard. Ask Brisco.

So go ahead Mr. "Im Rich Beyotch" Rapper Guy. Have fun throwing money in the air & continue to blow your advance & show money. Because in the end the million dollar advance will stop. The 360 deals (in all their "no Vaseline" glory) will only be reserved for the pop acts, and you will have to come back to the hood. Stopping me in the mall parking lot asking me for $5 to purchase that CD.

See "Protocol For The Out The Trunk Hustler" for instructions.