Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coming in November: The Hot Box

What's the damn deal family? I'll be doing a few blog posts this week since I'm on vacation from my day job. I want to take a moment to tell you about the video web show that we will be producing called "The Hot Box" which will be hosted by yours truly & Mahogany.

Basically the reason why we are doing this show is to not only give an outlet to the literally hundreds of rappers & singers out there trying to make it, but to also weed out the untalented & let you, the listener, decide for yourselves. The only way to stem the tide of bullshit hip hop is to give the streets a voice & a say in these matters because labels, radio, and TV are pretty much ignoring us. So we decided to take matters into our own hands.

So beginning right now, if you or someone you know is unsigned, independent artist & can take a little criticism, send your music to for us to put up on our blog, twitter, tagged & other sites for your chance to be heard. If you are not an artist but want to have a say in what the next movement in hip hop should be leave your comments on these various avenues to have your say on the show.

If your music is selected by the "people" we will feature you on the show also give you an interview & (if you have one) put your video on the show!!

Look the labels aren't signing anybody, myspace is dying, & there's 8 million twitter links to compete against if you are an artist, and don't get me started on how MTV & BET won't give new independent music the time of day. We can't promise you stardom but we can give you a chance to be heard.

Follow us on twitter:
Tagged (Don't know how that works but anyway)
Myspace: We'll be there too
Youtube Channel: Hotbox254 (There's no vids there now but just subscribe dammit!)
And everywhere else, hell we might do an e-harmony jumpoff before its all said & done!

So start sending your music in & lets have some fun taking hip hop back to where it belongs: TO THE PEOPLE!!


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