Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Statements for 6/1/09

1. Can Spencer Pratt die a miserable death! And yes you can say I'm wrong for saying it but I don't give a f***!!

2. Lebron was dead wrong for not being a good sport so I'm calling it now: CLEVELAND WILL NEVER WIN A TITLE!! Mark it down, you heard it here first!

3. I'm officially joining the unfollow Diddy movement! Don't know why but his tweets and LOCK IN is getting annoying!

4. Prepare your ears for the SUMMER OF DRAKE!! I'm listening to Country for the summer!!

5. Sorry, I got caught up in that weird Prius commercial. I feel like I just took some acid looking at that s***

6. Niggas still drinking Moet? Really? You are not balling!! I can go to the supermarket and buy that s***! It's not '92, live into now!

7. Is there nothing funnier than seeing somebody get tasered? Don't tase me bro!!

8. MTV IS SO WACK!! And who's the black British rapper in the gum commercial? What a douche!!

9. Final Statement: It's amazing how suddenly girls think Wayne is cute, must be the money!

10 Bonus Statement: Nothing would make me happier than to see Wayne & Miley Cyrus hook up and have a children! Now bow your head in prayer!

Any Questions???

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