Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back To New Orleans

Over this past weekend I went back home to New Orleans for a quick visit. Its always great to visit because there's a 100% chance that I will be introduced to whatever is the hottest track on the street out there. But unfortunately due to my absence the music that I "discovered" is pretty much old news to my people. Yet whenever they are thrown on in "The Venue" or "The Duckoff" the club still goes crazy. The first question I usually asks is "Why haven't I heard this? I only live 7 hours away!" which is closely followed by "How come they not pushing this track harder?" The response I always get is "They made it for the city." And its true.

Before Cash Money made it worldwide, The Hot Boys made a song called "Neighborhood Superstars" in which they did the usual braggadochio but contend that they are happy just doing it big at home. That is pretty much the mentality of a lot of the local artists out there. Partners-N-Crime are legends in New Orleans for making great bounce music. Their 1996 album PNC 3 is considered a "monumental classic" in the N.O. bounce scene. They were signed to Juvenile's UTP imprint and released an album called "Club Bangaz" but due to little promo of the album it went nowhere and they parted ways with the label. I was plesantly surprised that they had a "new" single called "So Attracted" (Warning: Auto Tune is being used!)

Another "discovery" I made was a song by a rapper from our old neighborhood whose name is Mugzy. His song "Tear It Down" has made noise beyond the local confines but due to the lack of a deal, the track lives on through the club & street circuit.

Now some of yall have heard this before and some of yall haven't. I know some of you saying "Typical Southern Rap" which is a valid point. But after seeing how the club reacts to these songs proves to me that even though I've been to clubs all over the country, nobody "tears it down" like New Orleans. So feel free to defend your turf, then come on down for Essence Fest, Mardi Gras or any Super Sunday and see if you will feel the same way after.

Huh bruh!


  1. I am just now reading this post. Couldn't have said it any better myself!