Friday, January 27, 2012

Been Busy Lately....

I don't have too many folks that follow this, its my fault, but anywho...Been working with the fam Crew54 & CientifiQ on upcoming campaigns and we've been putting in WORK...Let's see where do we start..

First the brother M.O.S. of Crew54 sneaks a peek at VICTORY!

On the night before Martin Luther King's Birthday we celebrated a great night of hip hop and paid homage to a great man. The big homey Bavu Blakes stopped for a quick second and blessed The HotBox254 with an interview.

And next up The homey CientifiQ and Virt B, Organized Rebels respectively, will be dropping their project "Men Of A Certain Age" on 2/7/12. Sat in on the listening session of this a few days back and its an excellent piece of work. Its hip hop music that doesn't try to sound fake or contrived but for all the grown adults that live real life. Go and cop that at or

Been shooting alot of joints lately with the brother M.O.S. and this is one of them from R.G. Money feat. Essence "Ball N Parlay" if you need video work, holla at us: or

Last but definitely not least gotta show this off. My man went in on this Dubb Sicks joint called "Heart & Soul". The song BANGS but mainly my man went INNN on the visuals. Awesome work...

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