Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why Can't I Like Both?

What makes Hip-Hop and life in general more interesting is the great debates. You know what I mean:

Jay vs. Nas

Pac vs. Big

East vs. West

North vs. South

Underground vs. Mainstream

Gangsta vs. Revolutionary

Ross vs. 50

Fat Joe vs. 50

Ja Rule vs. 50

Kanye, Lil Wayne, The Game and basically half of the continent of North America vs. 50

Conservative vs. Liberal etc. etc. etc.

I would be lying if I said I didn't take part. I would always find myself falling into an endless hours long debate over why I think American Gangster is better than Reasonable Doubt (please don't start that one here) with my friends.

Well recently I had an epiphany:

What's the f****** point?

I mean really, what are we accomplishing with these debates? What are we learning? Why do I have to take sides? Why can't I like both?

In Hip-Hop especially there's seems to be a definitive line drawn in the sand between Artist A and Artist B and if I don't see what it is that you see that makes your artist great, then either I don't know what I'm talking about or I'm an asshole in general.

I'm from the South, born and raised, but I love N.Y. hip-hop just as much as Jeezy and Gucci Mane. OK. I don't know or particularly care for O.J. da Juiceman. Does that make me any less supportive of Southern hip-hop?

Love is a very dangerous word indeed. A lot of Hip Hop fans throw it around when it comes to their favorite artists and their albums. What ever happened to being reasonable and realistic? Of course there will be albums that are classics and live on forever but you can still enjoy the ones that will be forgotten tomorrow. Sometimes I think we act like sports fanatics. If they sold The Carter 3 or Illmatic car magnets and window flags, I'm willing to bet my meager salary from my day job that cats would run out and buy them. I wouldn't be surprised if cats had a sign in their front yard that says "All Eyez On Me" fans parking only.

There should only be a few things that you love in life: Your God, family, friends and maybe your job or career. Don't get caught up in the beef and debates and be realistic. Sure they can be fun for the sake of conversation but some of yall take it too far! Relax!! Don't be a Stan! Life is too short to take sides. It is just music by the way.

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