Sunday, February 19, 2012

BRB: Crew54 "Back At It Again" Reunion Show

Thanks to everybody that came out last night! It was a dope night of hip hop and here is the recap over "BRB" from the EP of the same name available at Video shot and edited by Jamien Green for Hot Box 254 Productions, Produced by Eric Morgan for DVZN Media.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


In today's hip-hop landscape, its sort of a weird place. On the one side there's the extravagant pop stars of rap, the rich dope boys, the underground then there's everybody else trying to make it. It can get confusing the images we see daily about our culture and the direction its headed, mainly, because we have adults still trying to steer the direction of a youthful culture that doesn't take direction well.

There comes a time when you have to ask or wonder to yourself as a fan: Where do I fit in? Where is the music that speaks to me? Sure, there are some good joints out there but sometimes you feel out of place because the culture (the music, the dance, the slang) seems to have gone on "some other shit" and you don't feel apart of it nor do you have time to worry about it because REAL LIFE is staring at you in the face. Its cool to sing along to the radio anthems but really you're too (dare I say it) old for all that....

That's where Organized Rebels come in. The duo has been putting out dope, simple tracks for the last few years and "Men Of A Certain Age" is a project born out of that same formula. Soulful samples and a rhyme & vocal style that's unorthodox never blended so wonderfully. The subject matter is one not of "dreams and chasing" its about being appreciative of the blessings of NOW for those of us who still aspire to do more with our lives but can't ignore the urgency of current struggles. The struggles we ALL face as adults. From the "honest" letter to the ladies about "do-nothing" men on "Don't Do Much" to the "inquisitive" "It All Changed" (with real spit being lent by the legendary Craig G) questioning what happened to hip hop, this is what I like to the call the beginning of a new genre and category:

Adult Contemporary Hip Hop

Smoothed out. Lyrical. Music you can sit down after a long day of work and sip a brew or chilled beverage to, and know that you are not alone in the everyday struggle. At least somebody knows its real.