Sunday, April 4, 2010

Untitled (After Texas Relays Rant)

Wow!!! The day before my birthday last year was the last time I been here. Crazy right? Actually I haven't had stuff to write about....I mean I have but I'm suffering from a serious case of writer's block. But if you don't follow me on twitter here's the lowdown on my real life...

I lost my job after 5 years which actually falls into accordance with a plan me & my wife made 2 years ago, albeit unexpectedly. I've been to a lot of shows: Wale, Crew54, Big Tuck & others thanks to what I'm now considering my new job Despite things being somewhat stressful, its great to know that working on something that involves this culture gives me great pride.

I mean of course I do have to put up with & listen to a LOT of rap that I personally don't enjoy but once again who am I to say that you won't like it. From where I sit there's a lot of promise in the future for hip-hop despite what the naysayers may say. I already see things becoming more fragmented in terms of regions & cities where if you just want to be hot there, that's fine. The game only has very little room at the top and once you get there its only going to be fleeting, so you need to take advantage of every opportunity presented to you be it local or for free.

One of the reasons we started The Hot Box was we believe that in order for the culture to continue to grow we must start at our homebase. We believe we have legitmate talent down here in Central Texas in music of all varieties not just hip hop and we want to share them with not only the local scene but with everybody. (Sidebar: It's almost 5 am and I'm writing this so call this The Hot Box Manifesto) And one thing we believe is giving the independents a shot and letting YOU the listener decide & let them know your opinion. We believe we will be the PREMIERE ENTERTAINMENT WEBSITE in our area and we do (almost) whatever it takes to be it.

Maybe its the Tequilia, maybe its the puffery. But I do know this, I still believe in hip-hop, I still believe in our culture. I just do, and we are going to showcase it to you. Peace